Deliver exceptional customer experience

Efficiently manage and enhance your customer service efforts with Vettrix Service.

Centralize ticket management for streamlined operations.

Efficiently track and manage customer requests across multiple channels, brands, products, and departments for streamlined operations.

Ensure availability to customers by offering support through their preferred communication channels.
Live messaging
Seamlessly incorporate popular instant messaging channels into your customer service operations.
Multi-brand support center
Develop separate self-service portals tailored to the specific needs of each brand's customer base.
Structure your help desk in alignment with your company's organizational framework.
Optimize email communication by integrating contextual information for seamless interactions.

Offer speedy support for self-reliant customers.

Empower customers to find quick answers independently, anywhere.

Guided Conversations
An easily configurable low code platform to build self-service experiences for customers and service teams.
Establish and expand a community of customers, prospects, and visitors for engagement and growth.
Knowledge Base
Develop a comprehensive repository of solutions for frequently asked questions.

Empower agents to delight customers consistently.

Empower agents with essential tools for effective collaboration, communication, and customer relationship management.

Operational Modes
Enhance agent productivity by automatically organizing open tickets for efficient management.
Response Refiner
Effortlessly send tailored responses using customer context, FAQs, templates, and more.
Simplify collaboration and streamline employee workflows for efficient handling of customer tickets.
Effortlessly handle tickets on the move, maintaining productivity regardless of your location.
CRM integration
Unleash the power of the most advanced customer management tools.
Streamlining Ticketing
Leverage these compact and convenient tools to expedite ticket resolution and achieve higher closure rates.

Streamline your repetitive tasks through automation.

Streamline operations and save time by automating processes and tasks.

Efficiently manage the intricate components that drive your help desk operations.
Ticket Assignment
Enable automatic assignment of tickets to the most suitable agents for seamless handling.
Keep customers and agents informed about ticket progress through automatic notifications, providing real-time updates.
SLAs & Escalations
Efficiently uphold service levels by automatically monitoring and escalating violations as needed.

Align customer service with your entire organization.

Maximize the potential of Vettrix Service by seamlessly integrating it with your team's existing software tools.

Personalize and enhance your help desk to precisely fit your unique business needs and goals.
Effortlessly integrate Vettrix Service with your preferred software applications, enabling seamless data flow and enhanced operational efficiency.

Track performance to identify successes and areas for improvement.

Gain valuable insights into your team's performance through comprehensive reports and interactive dashboards, enabling informed decision-making.

Reports and Dashboards
Track and optimize team performance with actionable insights from reports and dashboards.
Time Efficiency Tracking
Precisely capture and monitor the time allocated to each ticket and task, facilitating precise time tracking and analysis.
Empower Managers
Empower managers with a dynamic live dashboard that presents an overview of key trends and detailed insights, offering a complete perspective of the organization's performance.
Mobile Supervision
Empower proactive managers with a mobile app for efficient oversight of operations.

Customize Desk to perfectly suit your team's needs.

Customize the appearance and behavior of your help desk to perfectly align with your unique preferences and operational needs.

Acquire and securely store comprehensive information regarding service processes.
Develop and utilize templates for ticket forms, emails, and notifications.
Define the stages a ticket goes through, from creation to closure.
Brand Revamp
Align your help desk with the personality and branding of your organization.

Secure data access and empowerment.

Safeguard your customers' data while equipping your team with the essential information they require.

Set up a structured hierarchy within your organization to facilitate improved flow of data.
Define the specific access levels and permissions granted to different roles within your organization, ensuring appropriate data accessibility and security.
Data sharing
Regulate the data access permissions for each module, determining who can retrieve information within them.
Field level security
Manage the data visibility and modification permissions within your help desk, determining who has the authority to view and make changes to the data.

Elevate your customer service to new heights.

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