Supercharge your sales experience

Boost leads, accelerate sales, and measure performance with our best sales CRM solution.

360-degree view

Give your sales team the big picture.

Visualize your data
Leverage the potential of intuitive data presentation through graphs and tables. Customize and rearrange the fields and elements according to your preferences and needs. Improve your decision making with better data presentation.
Holistic View
Keep track of every task and activity done by both your sales team and the customers. Control what you can see on your dashboard so you can instantly see the information you want to see first.
Lead Profile Menu
Provide a context to your contacts by showcasing all the related activities, campaigns and accounts in your lead profile. Access any information and execute any actions related to the lead within a single click.
Adjustable and Focused Interface
For every action you take, our tool will intuitively display all the data you require for that task alone. Actions like filter, search, sort, collapse, edit, etc will display only the information you are looking for, in any customizable format.

Reach Your Customers

Utilize every platform and connect with your customers.

Link your inbox to our product and immediately send emails to your customers. Prepare email templates in advance and send bulk scheduled emails to any set of customers all in one window.
Message Integration
Create templates and schedule bulk messages using integrated messaging platforms. Open up your lead inflows by utilizing all current and future integrations to enrich your lead pool.

Close More Deals

Refine your process and perfect the art of sales

Multiple Sales Pipelines
Create multiple pipelines for different campaigns and processes while also limiting access to from different profiles. Align your sales process with the unique demands of every campaign.
Weighted Pipeline
Assign a probability to every stage in your pipeline to track your progress and efficiency better. Easily identify stages that underperform and sort out the issues that cause it.
Territory Management
Categorize and segregate leads in clusters to better efficiently carry out specific sales processes. Assign separate pipelines for each cluster and run more effective sales plans for all your leads.

Sales Enablement

Track and manage sales throughout the sales process.

Fast-Track Deal Closure
Generate, send and track professional quotes, invoices and orders with the help of tailored and customized templates. Distribute, download and track all related documents and never lose a payment again.
Product Catalog
Organize and update your product catalog along with its quantity and placements in real time. Track and change pricing models and never lose sight of inventory.

Performance Analytics

Visually understand and track your organization’s progress

Sales Forecasting
Compile all past sales data and analyze its results to predict the progress of your company. Using this data, make smarter and more effective decisions to drive your business to success.
Provides a visual overview of all the company, salespeople and customer metrics such as revenue, pipeline status and conversion rates. Pick and choose what data you want to see and in what format.
Curated Reports
Create reports for any set of data and metrics to give crystal clear outputs and make better informed decisions. Now you can choose a report and display it on you dashboard.
Custom Reports
Alongside the set of default reports, you can create custom reports with any field and data type needed to best express the data intuitively. Ping and save the most popular reports for quicker access.

Customize for Your Business

Choose how you want your business to function.

Unique Sales Process
Change and customize all parts of the sales process to perfectly line up with your business’s needs. Customize stages, activities, automations, workflows and more.
Lead Stages
Rename and reconstruct all the stages of your sales process to be relevant to your current business model. Create pipelines, stages and tags to reflect all complex stages of your sales process.
Data Restrictions
Using multiple different user profiles, restrict visibility and editing permissions based on profile and hierarchy for better macro data management. Reduce mistakes and information overloads with precise data management.
Dashboard Data
Pick and choose exactly what you want to see on everyone’s dashboards with custom colors and blocks. Curate special reports and link them to the dashboard to better understand your business.

Get complete control

Create roles with special permissions and restrictions and assign them to everyone in the organisation.

Role-based Access
Restrict features and areas of the tool based on the role a person holds. Provide custom made accounts for each person, modified based on their role and hierarchy in the business.
Record Types
Configure and customize modules to capture and store any type of data set. This includes a range of country specific fields, unique formats to data recorded in different languages.
Data Restrictions
Control who gets access to view edit and update parts of your system’s database. Set up access controls and restrictions based on account and company hierarchy.
Roles, Profiles and Groups
Create multiple hyper customizable profiles and roles for all the members in your Organisation, regardless of how many members and accounts there are in your Organisation.

Maximize team efficiency

Make your agents into extraordinary individuals to maximize their output.

Quick Action
Quickly access, perform and launch a set of actions with no delay straight from your landing screen. Speed up processes by giving instant access to the most demanded and important functionalities.
Team Inbox
Manage and communicate with leads through one outlet and collect data on leads and consumers. Integrate with any 3rd party application that you’re comfortable with.

Sales On the Go

Effortlessly manage and oversee your sales activities from your mobile phone.

Call Logs and Notes
Keep track of everything about your leads, from their responses on the phone to their favorite color. Release the stress of remembering everything and never make the awkward mistake of mixing people up again.
Immediately get notified when activities are due or when there are new connections and updates on your sales endeavors. Always stay informed and stay on top of deadlines.

Accelerate sales. Build relationships. Drive growth.

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Accelerate growth with enhanced customer acquisition strategies.

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Elevate global CX operations with a robust CRM platform for seamless management.

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