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A CRM is a sales person's best friend. Unlock your team’s potential with our sales CRM solutions and enable them with the best of the best.

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Generate leads faster:

The core of any sales pipeline is the lead generation. Our sales CRM system helps you generate high quality leads with ease. Experience more sales cycles, close more deals and surpass your competition.

Streamlined Lead Management:
Simplify lead management with Vettrix’s sales CRM system by organising customer data and interaction history. Now you will never miss out on an opportunity and flawlessly track and prioritize leads with ease.
Automated Sales Process:
You no longer need to personally manage Email campaigns and targeted follow-ups. Automate parts of the process that doesn’t require human attention by harnessing our sales CRM system to free .Free up time and focus on what really matters.
Real-Time Collaboration:
Efficiently perform lead handoffs and improve follow up timing with our Sales CRM System to collaborate and share valuable lead insights and updates in real time.
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Data Driven Decision Making

Discover trends and patterns in customer behavior by analysing data captured from customer interactions. Our sales CRM software displays this information in digestible and intuitive ways, making it easier to plan ahead.

Easy to Understand:
Our sales CRM software visually presents information collected through customer analytics in simple and intuitive graphs and tables to Make connections and spot opportunities with ease.
The big picture:
Consolidate both employee and customer information and keep track of their performance using our sales CRM software . Now you will always know what is really going on in your organization.
Understand your audience:
Gather data points by leveraging our sales CRM software on all your customers and creating accurate customer profiles enables your employees to interact with your customer base on a deeper level.
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Tailored for Your Needs

We understand that every business needs something different. We offer extensively customized sales CRM solutions that can transform the application into the perfect little helper.

Limitless Customizations:
Customize your application to store and process any date you desire. No matter how complex or niche your requirements are, we’ll see to it that we find the perfect pack of features for you.
Scalable and Future-Proof:
Big or small, our tool will handle it all! Our sales CRM platform was made to process and handle large amounts of data, so you can grow as much as you can with no restraints.
Enhanced User Experience:
Craft your interface to suit your needs and tastes. Design and edit multiple workflows and dashboards to align with your sales process, so you no longer need to fish for the information you’re looking for.
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Using a tool really helped us keep in touch with customers effectively while also providing us with an understanding of customer behavior. The tool has helped our employees keep focused and improve in their work.

Nandhini, Office In Charge
Aarudhra Finance

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