Acquire Top Talent

Accelerate your hiring process and save time with Vettrix Recruit. Source, interview, hire, and nurture candidates effortlessly from a unified platform.

Fast-track candidate profile

Accelerate candidate profile creation for streamlined hiring.

Centralize candidate data
Efficiently import candidate data from multiple sources, including employee referrals, partner referrals, and web forms, into a centralized database.
Talent pipeline
Effortlessly track the progress of candidates in their hiring journey and get a quick overview of the status of all open roles.
Talent pools
Accelerate candidate matching by categorizing candidates based on industry, location, skills, and other criteria, significantly reducing your organization's time-to-fill. Construct a candidate repository to cultivate potential future hires, maintaining an archived list of qualified candidates for future reference and utilization.
Candidate 360
Streamline the resume screening process and access all candidate records, including resumes, emails, interaction history, interview scores, feedback, and notes, conveniently centralized in one location.

Tailor-made & Customized assessments

Enhance your hiring process with tailor-made and customized assessments

Initial Screening
Automate candidate filtering with pre-screening assessments. Assign point values to answer choices and automatically rank applicants based on qualifications. Associate assessments with job postings or email them directly to candidates.
Acquire valuable insights into a candidate's employment and education history through comprehensive background screening assessment to mitigate potential risks and elevate the caliber of your workforce.
Gain insights into a candidate's soft skills and determine their alignment with your company culture. Assess candidate's behavioral traits, communication abilities, and interpersonal skills for informed hiring decisions.
Comprehensively evaluate a candidate's skill set, personality, goals, and background by incorporating questions from various screening types into a unified assessment.

Streamlined Interviews

Streamline interviews for efficient candidate evaluation.

Flexible Interview Scheduling
Enhance the interviewing experience for remote candidates by providing flexible interview options and minimize candidate drop-off through seamless scheduling.
Additional Reviewers
Enhance evaluation effectiveness by including additional reviewers, fostering diverse perspectives and informed decision-making.
Quick feedback
Accelerate decision-making by providing real-time post-interview feedback, ensuring effective communication and timely evaluation.
Log Interview
Capture and log interview details for future reference, enabling easy retrieval and review. Allows you to revisit previous interviews, recall important discussions, and make informed comparisons when evaluating candidates.

Simplify Communication & Security

Simplify communication and strengthen security measures seamlessly.

Recruitment hierarchies
Effortlessly handle multiple job openings by implementing clear recruitment hierarchies and approvals. Stay organized and effectively manage internal and external contacts to ensure a streamlined hiring process.
Accelerate collaboration with team managers, recruiters, or clients using Vettrix Recruit's Email features. Streamline communication for faster decision-making and a more efficient hiring process.
Instant Hiring Updates
Stay updated with the latest information from the hiring team, submit interview feedback, and seamlessly progress candidates through different stages. Enjoy the flexibility of managing the hiring process on the go.
Safeguard Data
Securely control viewing and editing access to employee documents, minimizing discrepancies and maintaining data integrity.

Hiring Pipeline

Transform your recruitment strategy with Vettrix Recruit: Visual insights, team alignment, and effortless hiring.

Panoramic perspective
Vettrix Recruit's Hiring Pipeline provides a comprehensive and up-to-date breakdown of each recruitment stage. View the status of each job opening and follow candidates through every phase of the hiring process.
Highly customizable
Craft your ideal hiring process effortlessly. Tailor your team's interface by easily adding or removing stages in your fully customizable recruiting pipeline.
Consolidated view
Streamline your hiring process with consolidated view of the Hiring Pipeline on your dashboard. Effortlessly track all your jobs and stay informed with real-time updates on candidate stages at a glance
Candidate & Employee Search
Supercharge your search experience with Vettrix Recruit. Enjoy instantaneous, lag-free searches across the entire list of candidates and employees. Find the right information effortlessly and efficiently, saving you valuable time.

Offer Management

Don't be the organization that stumbles during the crucial offer stage, losing top candidates to competitors. Digitize and automate your offer management process with Vettrix Recruit.

Instant Offer Letters
Elevate candidate experience and reduce drop-off rates with digital offer management. Easily send professional offer letters to secure top talent with a simple click.
Custom templates
Customize offer templates effortlessly in Vettrix Recruit. Design personalized layouts to streamline offer management and ensure essential information is presented effectively.
Enhance candidate communication by including important company information, such as non-disclosure agreements and leave policies, as attachments to your offer letters in Vettrix Recruit
Offer Tracking Made Easy
Streamline offer management with Vettrix Recruit. Gain a comprehensive overview of pending offer letters, including sent dates, candidate status, and more, ensuring your team stays aligned and informed.

Predictive data analytics

Drive decision-making with predictive data analytics.

Identify valuable sources
Optimize ROI with Vettrix Recruit: Track candidate quality by source, identify top-performing channels, and allocate resources strategically for maximum impact.
Efficient Candidate sourcing
Simplify talent acquisition with Vettrix Recruit. Easily navigate a diverse candidate pool and quickly identify top talent by applying filters for job title, skills, location, and more.
Gather performance data
Elevate hiring efficiency with data-driven recruiting. Optimize your candidate selection process by tracking essential recruiting KPIs like time-to-fill, time-to-hire, age-of-job, and offer acceptance rate. Access real-time insights from your recruitment KPI dashboard for informed decision-making.
Generate purposeful reports
Unlock deeper business insights and track progress with intuitive reports. Utilize Recruit Analytics to analyze recruitment data and gain real-time snapshots of key metrics, enhancing your understanding of your company's performance.

Streamline and scale your hiring operations effortlessly

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