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Candidate Sourcing

The first step is finding suitable candidates. Whether it’s going to them directly, or dealing with job requests, we’ve got you covered.

Find candidates:
Discover top talent effortlessly with our candidate sourcing features. Access vast talent pools, leverage advanced search filters, and streamline recruitment processes to find the perfect fit for your team quickly and efficiently.
Manage applications:
Efficiently manage job applications with our comprehensive features. Simplify the process with customizable workflows, automated status updates, and collaborative evaluation tools, ensuring a seamless and organized recruitment experience for your team.
Harness the power of employee referrals with our referral management features. Streamline the process, track referrals, and reward your team for successful hires, fostering a culture of engagement and driving quality talent to your organization.
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Recruiting process

Manage all your interviews, tests, sources and applications all in one tool. Gather data and easily figure out who’s the best candidate.

Organise interviews:
Streamline interview scheduling and coordination with our powerful organization features. Simplify the process, send automated invites, and ensure seamless communication for efficient and productive interviews.
Segregate applicants:
Effortlessly segregate and categorize applicants with our intuitive features. Filter, tag, and group candidates based on qualifications, skills, and other criteria, simplifying the applicant management process for optimal efficiency.
Candidate analytics:
Gain valuable insights on candidate behaviors and patterns. Track and analyze key metrics like candidate engagement, hiring success rates, and demographic data to make informed decisions and optimize your recruitment strategy.
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Final Hiring

Never lose track of a potential hire ever again. Flawlessly manage, track and keep up with candidates that passed.

Manage communications:
Centralize messages, track interactions, and collaborate seamlessly to ensure efficient and effective communication with customers, partners, and team members.
Template automations:
Save time and increase productivity with our template and automation features. Access ready-to-use templates, automate repetitive tasks, and streamline workflows, simplifying your processes and boosting efficiency.
Follow up speed:
Deliver prompt follow-ups with our lightning-fast features. Respond swiftly to customer inquiries, ensuring a seamless experience that builds trust and drives satisfaction.
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Recruiting new hires has never been so easy. The product helps me with everything, It really is a quality of life boost.

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